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Wood Species

Wood offers a rich classic appeal that will never go out of style and comes in a variety of species. The species of wood you choose for your cabinets will have the utmost impact on the final look.







Knotty Pine






Door Style

Raised panel, flat panel or slab are the basic style choices. Various panel and rail options offer a wide range of looks to customize the kitchen to your personality.

Raised Panel

Flat Panel




Natural, stain, glaze, paint ….
The options and combinations are infinite! Multi-tone stains, paint and stain contrasts, distressed, stained or painted and glazed. If you want the wood’s grain to be seen, look for a transparent or semitransparent stain.
If you want to hide the grain or a low quality wood, look for darker stain, dye or paint. Try not to rely too heavily on the name of the stain because different woods absorb stains differently.

Cabinets tend to be affected by humidity and temperature and consequently need to adjust to such changes in temperature. Solid wood often expands and contracts when exposed to such humidity, leading to warping. Using hardwood veneer which costs less than solid wood helps your cabinets maintain their shape and appearance. Hardwood veneer is a thin piece of solid wood that is typically applied to plywood with glue to give it strength.

Crown & Trim

Crown and trim bring a uniquely expressed harmony to your cabinets. You can use these items to give a more expensive look to your kitchen, to tie it in with existing trim on surrounding walls, to frame out favorite cabinets or appliances, or to emphasize a theme in your cabinetry.

Height / Depth

Varying the heights and depths of your cabinets not only allows you to give specific function to each cabinet but also can be more appealing to the eye than a flat, straight row of cabinets.