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Where do I begin?
Tips for Designing Your Dream Kitchen.

Architects while indispensable to the building process are only the first step. Understand that this individual that designs a beautiful home is not necessarily concerned with designing a beautiful functional kitchen. He provides the space but you choose how to fill it.

Begin with function. Make a list of the types of things you do in your kitchen. Do you entertain frequently, bake a lot, home canning or freezing, large family meals, small snacks on the run, watch TV, listen to the radio, use computer recipe sights etc. Choose the spaces to perform your tasks then decide the accessories and storage you want surrounding those spaces.

Choose your look and add the beauty. Magazines and television programs can give you ideas for the look you want in your kitchen. Clip articles, take pictures in homes you visit, displays you see etc.


What type of cook are you? Do you cook and bake from scratch or heat up frozen foods? Do you need a baking center near the oven opposite a chopping and dicing space near the cook top with a convenient pass through to the dining area or do you need the microwave, trash and freezer close to the plates near an overhang with bar stools with a television for easy viewing?


Where is your kitchen in relation to your car? Do you want to carry groceries this distance. Where will you set the bags you carry in? Where will the items be stored?


Possibly the most important decision in designing your kitchen because if you have designed your dream kitchen it likely includes ample countertop space. This is space you will touch every day.


Semi-Custom cabinets have given you the freedom to choose exactly what type of space works for you functionally. Semi-Custom also gives you artistic freedom to create the picture that expresses your personality.